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Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer. Luke 5:16

There's a reason for that.

The scriptures are filled with God calling us into the wilderness, whether to connect with us, to help us re-center our lives or to prepare us for and move us through difficult situations.  The same is true today.  

It's hard to not feel connected to His creation when you're in the middle of a forest, standing on the top of a majestic mountain, or dipping your toes into an untouched lake.  

If you're an experienced hiker searching for a deeper connection with God or are just beginning to explore the raw beauty of his creation, we lead day hikes and weekend backpacking trips of all levels throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.  

The Paths We Travel

We plan guided hikes and backpacking trips around the intention of connecting with God.  Each hike has a stated theme where we explore different approaches to strengthening our relationship with God and His creation.  Previous themes have included:

Still, small voice in the wind

Caring for Creation (paired with trail clean up)

Seek his presence

Living labyrinth

Battling burnout / Keeping balance

Psalm 121

Join Us On The Trail

"I've been hiking and camping for years, but you captured that thing I've always felt out there but never connected... our Creator."  Ben P. 2016

"We had a great time!  Just what I needed."  Joan S. 2016

"Thank you.  I always wanted to try hiking but was intimidated to go out alone.  I met great people and gained confidence.  I can't wait till summer comes so I can try backpacking!"  Sasha L. 2017

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